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At Printoptix, we specialize in designing and manufacturing highly individualized custom microoptical systems tailored to your specific requirements. Below, you'll find a few examples of precious customer projects alongside some highlights from our own research.


Ultra-Miniaturized Endoscope Design

The smallest 120° field of view fiber-endoscope in the world. Our distortion-free endoscope objective is mounted on an optical imaging fiber. This design includes an aperture stop and a metal or polymer sleeve for effective stray light shielding and mechanical protection. The overall diameter is an ultra-compact 340µm.


Advanced Optical Array Prototyping

Customer Project: A prototype featuring a 9x9 array of compound parabolic concentrators integrated into a micro LED array for optical data transfer. Adjacent is a 3x3 array of an aspherical lens solution, allowing for a direct comparison of efficiency.


Compact Microprojectors and Beamshapers

Introducing our microprojector, designed with a 200 µm diameter at the tip of a fiber, perfect for projection or beamshaping in very tight spaces.

Multi-Aperture Camera Solution

A multi-aperture camera solution on a single sensor, offering five distinct fields of view through three varied optical designs. It boasts an overall field of view of 160°. Ladybug for size comparison 🙂


Central Aperture Imaging System

Our 1:1 fiber based imaging system features a central aperture located on the tip of a 160µm imaging fiber, providing precise imaging and transmission capabilities.


Innovative Freeform Optical System

Explore the unique possibilities with our unusual or "impossible" optical system, comprising in this example four tilted freeform surfaces for an altered field of view. This highlights the flexibility that 3D printing offers in optical system design - no assembly, alignment, or special tools are required, and production costs remain consistent regardless of surface complexity.